• Compressed Air System and Compressor Types

    Compressed Air System Compressed air systems consist of a supply side, which includes compressors and air treatment, and a demand side, which includes distribution and storage systems and end-use equipment. A properly managed supply side will result in clean, ...
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  • Why choose Global-Air Air Compressor?

    Why choose Global-Air Air Compressor? All customers care about three points of product which are price, quality and after-sale service. As for price, we produce high-middle products, and we use high quality components on the market, so we do not compare with lower brand in price whose compressors...
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  • Application of Compressed Air

    Industrial facilities use compressed air for a multitude of operations. Almost every industrial facility has at least two compressors, and in a medium-sized plant there may be hundreds of different uses of compressed air. Uses include powering pneumatic tools, packaging and automation equipment, ...
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